Frequently Asked Questions

General questions & answers

  Assess FAQs:  

How does DiginexESG define the list of material topics?

We source the latest available research on materiality across industries from recognised research and standard-setting institutions such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

We make sure that the insights we use are based on comprehensive and rigorous stakeholder consultations that reflect the latest thinking around materiality.

  Define FAQs:  

Does DiginexESG support more reporting frameworks other than the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards?

The GRI Standards are the most widely adopted sustainability reporting standards in the world. As the first GRI-accredited, blockchain-enabled corporate sustainability reporting tool, we are proud to have GRI as our first framework partner.

But there’s more!
DiginexESG also supports companies to report against SASB, and the TCFD reporting standards, or in complying with exchange listing requirements such as with the Hong Kong Exchange.

Is there a standard you would like us to incorporate? Or perhaps you want to set up your own standards to lead change within your industry? Please contact Customer Support via live chat or email with your request.

Pssst, your industry peers are already doing so!

What does it mean that DiginexESG is a “GRI certified software”?

Reliable software and tools can make sustainability reporting easier and more manageable.

As a GRI certified sustainability reporting software partner, we are one of few software companies able to license the official GRI standards to help you develop robust and transparent sustainability reporting according to GRI best practice guidelines.

What are the benefits of sustainability reporting?

The active management of a company’s environmental, social and governmental (ESG) goals and impacts is key to future-proofing your business success.

In turn, reporting on your ESG strategy and performance, particularly through best-practice frameworks like GRI or SASB, is essential to meet today’s stakeholder expectations.

It helps you build trust with your customers, attract new employees, appeal to potential investors, and ultimately create a competitive advantage.

Why should I use DiginexESG?

Because we believe you should spend more time improving your sustainability performance than reporting on it.

That’s why we have employed pioneering technology to create a smart yet accessible tool, that facilitates your reporting processes and supports you regardless of your size, industry, or reporting experience.










  Report FAQs  

Can I invite my colleagues to join the platform?

Of course! The more the merrier. In fact, you can invite as many colleagues as you would like. Just make sure you select the right number of “seats” in your account plan.

Once you have determined the number of seats for your account, you can invite and activate individual users through the User Management page.

When you invite a user, they will receive an email from DiginesESG with instructions to set up their own accounts on the platform.

Can people outside my organization see my data? 

No, only people that are part of your organization will see your reports and data unless your grant special permission to external members. You can manage permissions and see who belongs to your organization under User Management.

For more information on how we manage data, please see our data privacy policy.

Do I have to save every time I input data into my report?

No, all the data that you’ve inputted to each of the boxes are automatically saved in real-time. You won’t have to risk losing your data in case of a power outage, computer malfunction, or simply forgetting to save before closing your browser.

  Billing and Payment FAQs  

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. DIGINEX uses a third party (Stripe) to process all card payments. DIGINEX does not have access to your credit card number at any point. For more information about the strict security measures that Stripe uses, please see the Stripe Security Page.

Where do I find my invoices and payment receipts?

At the start of your billing cycle each month, you'll receive an invoice in your account.

If your contract is established on invoicing terms, an email with your invoice information will also be sent to the billing contact of your account. Upon making a payment, a receipt will be sent to the billing administrator of your account.

What happens in I add users to my subscription?

If you add a user to your account, your account will be billed at a pro-rated amount on your next bill date.

What happens if I remove users from my subscription?

If you remove a user's access to the paid tools, the seat will still exist for your flexibility of use and you will continue to pay for the seat.

I don’t need an additional seat anymore, how to stop paying for that seat?

To stop paying for the seat and delete the seat during your renewal process, ensure you reach out to Customer Support (via live chat or email.) and inform us.

If you've purchased additional paid seats for users, you can remove them at any time from your account. Once removed, your billing will be adjusted at the start of your next subscription term.

What happens if I cancel or downgrade my account?

If you cancel or downgrade a paid subscription, you will continue to be charged for the duration of the commitment length in your contract. 

Who do I get in contact with if I have questions?

Please contact Customer Support via email.